Saturday, 22 September 2012

Autumnal Equinox

Hi folks,

Goodness, I just looked at the date I last posted - 19th May - doesn't time fly! During the late winter and spring I wrote a number of stories that I intended to publish more or less over the summer - these were Lucy Harlow detective stories to follow Oxygen Restriction and TV Torment - Opera Flowers, Summer Soldier, Northern Star and a mystery using some of the characters in the Lucy Series - Double. Rather than publish these new stories straight away, I had a change of heart and decided to take my time and see how the already published stories did. This also meant a break from writing, which I filled in by keeping busy in all other respects. I have been writing now for probably the best part of 20 years and have had breaks of months through to a couple of years but have always returned to what is my most enduring interest. So, after enjoying a summer break, and with the autumn equinox now upon us, it is time to get rolling again. I will therefore publish the aforementioned stories over the winter and spring, starting with Opera Flowers - a nasty little murder mystery. Look out for it on Smashwords and Amazon over the next couple of weeks - Free of Charge, of course!

Best wishes and regards