Sunday, 17 March 2013

Brent Street, new novel

Hi folks,

I have decided to stick with my original plan and publish The Brent Haunting in the Summer of 2013. No doubt buoyed by the success of my short stories Double and Northern Star, I had an idea to bring forward the publication of Brent Street. But one thing that I've learned in writing and publishing is that patience is the most important virtue. And this for someone who is naturally impatient!

I wrote Brent Street from end October last year until mid-January this. I edited it straightway, with the view of putting it away for several months before doing the final edit (recommended). As the action takes place towards the end of Summer in late August until early October, I thought a good time to publish would be in the Summer months. After reflection I think this view was correct and so expect to see the novel out on the usual platforms July/August time.

In writing the most important thing is to creat great stories and that is what I am attempting to do. A new novel has been suggesting itself to me over the past few weeks and I have been working on the plot. It is a sequel to Brent Street, but only in that it features the demonic Mr Coates who once more is pulling the strings. I am spending some careful time on working out the plot and sub-plots of this story right now. I will then flesh out the situation and places and characters before beginning to write. I anticipated this to be a about 75k long, but I will proceed at a more leisurely pace to Brent Street and aim to get it done by Christmas, for publication sometime in 2014.

The other thing I intend to do is to keep this blog up to date. I hope to publish some insights into the themes which illuminate my work over the coming months. I hope these will be entertaining as well as informative.

Best wishes