Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Opera Flowers - behind the scenes


Opera Flowers was published last week in midweek. I usually publish at the weekend to maximise exposure on Smashwords but decided to have a go on a weekday. This was my first title to be published after a while away over the summer, although the story was written in the spring, and out of laziness I gave it little publicity. Of those that have downloaded the story, a high proportion have retained it in their libraries so it must have some merit. As they say marketing is everything.

An interesting point about this story which hit me when I re-read it on my i-phone today (yes, it's out in the Apple store already!) is that it could be construed that Stella Grice knew about her husband's (Jack's) crimes and had contacted Lucy (of the Cambridgeshire murders fame) to get him nailed. Of course fit and tanned forty something Stella could then get about spending Jack's fortune and take the younger lover she craved.

I didn't write the story this way. I set out with the view that Stella believed Jack was cheating. But it's one of the great mysteries of writing fiction how things work on a subliminal level and how a story (or at least in this case a sub-plot) can be created in the subconscious.

I like this short story as it is, and can recommend it to you as FREE on all platforms, however, I can see how the plot could be adapted to introduce a scheming wife ready to get rid of her criminal husband and, as a result, could well lead to a longer treatment.

Anyway, here's the link again to this tale, the third in the Lucy Harlow series.


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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Opera Flowers - Published

Hi folks, I've published this little tale on Smashwords free of charge today


Here's the synopsis,

Opera Flowers is the third in the Lucy Harlow detective series.

Rich bored housewife Stella Grice hires Lucy to investigate her husband Jack, who she believes is cheating. But Lucy uncovers more than a platonic relationship with a local solicitor based upon a mutual love of opera, and is drawn into a race against time to save Susannah Young from a grisly fate at the hands of a sadistic killer.
Hope you enjoy it
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