Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Northern Star

Hi folks,

as promised in my previous post here is a synopsis and cover image for the fourth story in the Lucy Harlow detective series of short stories. It will be out free of charge on Smashwords this Saturday (9 Feb) and also will be available of Amazon. It is 9600 words long.


Rich wild child Carrie Marchant has made a phone movie of herself in the throes of ecstasy with a former lover Craig Stapleton, a rough diamond who she calls her Northern Star. But the clip has got into the wrong hands and a blackmailer is trying to extort a price from Carrie’s mother Rebecca. Carrie isn’t too bothered about who sees her in action, but Rebecca believing the blackmailer to be Stapleton calls in Lucy to investigate. However the enigmatic Sara Bradbury, Carrie’s elder sister, would much sooner brush things under the carpet and pay off the blackmailer. Lucy begins to understand why as she opens the can of worms that is Carrie’s life.


Northern Star is a tale of blackmail and murder and is the fourth in the Lucy Harlow detective series.

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