Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Dear Readers,

The Brent Street Haunting remains free on the Smashwords platform for a few days yet, so be sure to get your free copy.

My new novel Amanda is 31,101 words to date. I started this on the 11th of October and so I am pleased. The daily rate works out at 1240 words a day, written, typed up, and revised. In this way I can knock out a 75,000 word novel in about 10 - 11 weeks. In this way, taking into account the 2nd and 3rd revisions, I can publish 2 novels a year. This I will try my best to do.

For me writing is a passion. It is something I love doing. I work with people in my day job who are incredibly enthusiastic about what they do. The best advice anyone can give to a prospective university student is to pick a subject that you are enthusiastic about, that you really love. That way you will work hard and get a good degree. I envy people who work in a job that they are really in love with. As I say I watch such people with fascination. It must be amazing to be able to do something you love full time.

Still onwards and upwards. I enjoy my writing. I hate being idle. And I am blessed to be able to work and to write as well.

So we have two novels published. One in the can that will be published early next year (Duisburg). Amanda approaching half way to be published in the summer of 2014. And an idea for the 5th novel already suggesting itself. There's plenty of work. And that's the main thing.

Best wishes


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