Saturday, 28 January 2012

Hi, I'm Saul Moon, several years ago I embarked upon writing an epic fanasty novel, The Prism. After many iterations, last year in August 2011 I decided to change the name to The Scorpian Visitant. This was prompted by a realisation that there were many more stories to come out of the original writing. This week I published TSV on Smashwords and Amazon Kindle as the first in a series of seven Robbie Higgins novels, here is the Smashwords link:

and the amazon link

A brief synopsis of this ripping yarn:

On a wet November Saturday afternoon, delinquent fire starter Robbie Higgins and his snooty cousin Louise Carlton visit Maldervale market. Robbie steals a magical glass from a junk stall - a prism with the images of Scorpio and Sagittarius in its triangular ends - right under the gaze of the normally goody-goody Louise. Next day Robbie meets up with the owner of the glass, mysterious rag and bone man Morgan Digbone, who coerces him to embark on a journey with Louise to find another prism, the Death Stone of Izar. By moonlight on the stolen glass, Robbie and Louise travel to medieval Oakwood, where Robbie starts a barn fire as a diversion to steal clothes and money. Robbie and Louise take lodgings in the town and begin an unlikely love affair. But the enigmatic Jade Finn knows who burned down her mother's barn and, since she has taken a fancy to Robbie, uses blackmail to come between him and Louise. When Jade and Robbie are kidnapped by the dictatorial regime of Morgan's daughter, Gloria, Louise sets out to rescue her lost love. She is aided by rebels opposed to the regime and becomes embroiled in their bitter struggle with Gloria. As events unfold Louise discovers not only who Robbie is but who she is too...

The Scorpian Visitant is an epic tale of mystery and dark magic, of dictatorship and rebellion, of medieval conflict and civil war. Yet above all it is the story of the love triangle of Robbie, Louise and Jade which resolves into who the Maldervale teenagers actually are...

You can sample or buy the book at Smashwords or Amazon and I will be writing further about the story and the others I have planned.

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