Monday, 30 January 2012


Hi, somewhile back, after completing an earlier draft of The Scorpian Visitant I wrote a number of short stories as entertainment, and perhaps with one eye on entering a competition. In the end, I didn't enter up the stories and they have lay in files in my bedroom under a pile of books. One of them is called Switch and I looked at it for the first time in years yesterday. While I can remember the plot of some of the other stories, this one had escaped all memory. But I really enjoyed reading it again, so much so, that shortly I am going to bring it out on Smashwords and Amazon Kindle free of charge.

Here is a short synopsis:

Ahead of a difficult birthday date with his girl, Richie Butler decides on cheap earrings as a gift. At the jeweller's he meets up with his identical twin, Ray, who is buying an expensive engagement ring for the love of his life. There is a simple mix up at the counter, which has vastly differing consequences for both men...

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