Friday, 20 December 2013

Publication plans


After finishing the stupendous Amanda what do I do? Start writing a sequel. That's typical of me. The only things that matter to me are the stories. Ultimately, my biggest asset is to be able to create these tales and write them down in quick time.

Amanda is so bloody good, believe me I read a lot of thrillers and there isn't anything as good as this around in the adult genre, that I've decided to write a sequel with a view to doing a trilogy. So today I started the second Amanda story.

However, other things also need attending to. So, I've republished The Brent Street Haunting today with a new cover on both Smashwords and Amazon. This story has had some very positive feed back so I reckon the Christmas Holidays are a good time for you to make short work of its 75K words.

Likewise, I will republish The Scorpian Visitant over Christmas with a new cover.

I have already been working on the covers of Duisburg and Amanda. It is now my intention not to be the overbearing parent with these two adult thrillers. I will publish Duisburg in January. Amanda will follow in the early spring.

Why not? I can knock these things out like Fords on a production line. So why not play to my strengths?

Best wishes


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