Thursday, 3 July 2014

Duisburg & Amanda

Dear reader,

I can't believe it was December 20 last year when I last posted on here. And here we are with over half the new year gone!
As advertised in that last post I did write a sequel to Amanda. This new story is called Qandisa and is the second in a trilogy. It was completed mid-March.
I then set about editing Duisburg, a sexy high octane thriller, which was completed this time last year. Duisburg took three edits, and as a result was published last week on Amazon.

Here's the link.

I immediately set about editing Amanda (105k words) and I am half way through the edit. In contrast to Duisburg, Amanda was more or less right first time and will only require one run through. Consequently, I expect to publish this story about a female serial killer toward the end of next week on Amazon. Look out for it then.

I am mad busy with the writing and my ability to produce is my greatest strength. You won't be disappointed with either of these new tales!

Best wishes


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