Saturday, 12 May 2012

Double completed


I finished my latest short story 'Double' today. It s a mystery about a successful buisness man whose life takes a steady turn for the worst after seeing his double while on holiday with his wife and kids. It is 9400 words long and will be published later on in the summer for 99c.
I am very excited about this little tale and it fits in snugly with the type of work I produce.

The next task for me over the next couple of weeks is to get the next Lucy Harlow story, TV Torment, ready for publication. It has been put away now for quite a few weeks, so my eyes should be seeing it almost anew when I go through it. The cover is done and the text was extensively reviewed and revised before I put it away, so hopefully it will be out 26 May or maybe the week after. It is quite a long short story at about 16500 words and sees Lucy on the trail of a gang of serial murderers in Cambridgeshire.

I will be posting more specific details about my stories over the summer as they near publication.

Best wishes


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