Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Hi folks,

Monday and yesterday evening I went through my latest and 5th Lucy Harlow Story Northern Star (9600 words). I have now put this away for a couple of months, before reviewing an revising again with fresh eyes. The plan is to publish this for 99c in September.

Tonight I completed the covers for TV Torment (2nd Lucy Story), Summer Solider (4th) and Northern Star. The cover for the 3rd Story  Opera Flowers was completed a couple of weeks back.

The way is now clear to start the final review and revision of TV Torment in readiness for publication. I plan to publish this on or around the 19th of May in all liklihood, although the 26th May is also an option. It will be one or the two. It is a long short story of about 16500 words and will be available on the usual outlets for 99c.

The other day I talked about having a rest from creativity. But I am finding this difficult to do at the moment. So I'll just ease down a bit, as I am happier if working on something new. I have come up with an idea for a follow up to Switch which is ready to write with the minimal of plotting. I'll plot it up over the next couple of days and begin it next week. It will be a genuine short mystery and I am hopeful for its success.

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