Friday, 18 May 2012

TV Torment publication this weekend

Hi folks, here's Lucy

The second story in the Lucy Harlow detective series will be published this weekened. TV Torment will be available on Smashwords and Amazon price 99c with a generous free sample. It is 16300 words long and here's the synopsis:

During a business trip to Cambridgeshire Lucy has a strange experience, similar to one she’d had in childhood. She hears the sound of the dead mingled with a TV news bulletin. Malcolm Margarson a deceased solicitor and pillar of the local community is being tortured in Hell by a vicious teenaged girl he calls “Angel”. Lucy learns that nineteen years ago Margarson was found dead in a lay-by off the nearby A10 with an axe buried in his skull. In the years that have passed no clues have come to light to point to the killer, and the conclusion of the police investigation that the murder had been the random act of a madman is widely accepted. But Lucy questions why a man unfortunate enough to be murdered at the age of 42 is suffering so much in the hereafter, and sets out the find out who his torturer was in life. In solving the riddle, she uncovers not only Margarson’s killer but also the leader of a gang responsible for the rape and murder of young women across the southeast of England...

A brief paranormal experience, the soundtrack of Hell, opens up an intriguing murder mystery with a tragic twist in the tail.

Look out for the story soon. I will post on Twitter and here when it's published, but probably it will be Saturday 19 May, UK time 1600 hrs.

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