Sunday, 29 April 2012

Northern Star

Hi folks,

I completed Northern Star today, 9670 words and a nice little tale. It is the 5th Story in the Lucy Harlow detective series and will be published in September. For me this is the best story in the series so far. I will post more about the plot and show the book cover as the spring and summer winds on, and of course as the earlier stories are published.

I will be taking a break from writing new material for two months. The last two months have seen me write 55k words on the first five Lucy Harlow detective stories. That's over half a full length novel, fully reviewed and revised, in about 9 weeks. A big ask when you are working full time. I believe in quality rather than quantity and will not compromise the former for the latter. Dragging up ideas from nothing takes a lot of kilowatt hours out of the brain cells and when the old body and mind tells you its time to take a break it is in the best interests of the work to have a rest. Of course, I will be publishing the work I have in the can and I will also be working subliminally on Switch-2 a short story that follows the original.

The original Switch is a story that I don't think an awful lot about. However, it has proved to be really popular. Hence, I will produce a different story based on the same theme. The new one concerns two girls and will be written over the summer.

Best wishes


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