Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Lucy Harlow - update

Hi folks,

I've been busy writing my series of crime stories featuring Lucy Harlow private eye. I have written the first two Oxygen Restriction and TV Torment. I have finished 8700 words of the third - Opera Flowers. As a writer, I believe first and foremost in the work. I know there is a big thing about marketing especially for self-published authors (and indeed published authors too) but I can't get away from the idea that the work is the most important thing. Therefore, I have been concentrating my efforts on completing these stories. Over the Easter period I hope to be able to devise a fourth story and once this is on the way, then I will begin to move the first story to publication. The first two stories have been worked through, reviewed and revised. But there is nothing like being patient and putting them away for a while before revisiting them. Patience is a virtue and I am trying to be patient with these tales rather than rushing them.

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