Monday, 16 April 2012

Oxygen Restriction - A Lucy Harlow Story

Oxygen Restriction is almost ready for publication. This is the first story in a series featuring young sleuth Lucy Harlow. The files are done, so too the cover and synopsis. I will probably go through it once again in midweek with a view to publishing on Friday or Saturday. However I may go earlier depending upon how I feel. I will let you know on this blog when I am ready to publish. The story will be free of charge on Smashwords and is around 8000 words.

Here is the synopsis.

Incurably nosey Lucy Harlow takes a job as a PA to David Black, the owner of a specialist engineering firm, and lands in a small office taut with sexual tension. Beautiful but bitter secretary Rachel Owen is obsessed with Black and is already jealous of Lucy. But there’s something more sinister than unrequited love, with David refusing to travel, leaving the customer interface to a man he clearly finds distasteful, his technical director, Bill Turner. When David asks Lucy to babysit for him and his wife Miriam, Lucy takes the opportunity to find out what’s going on. She discovers a disturbing photograph of a naked Miriam in a wallet in David’s jacket, but little does she realise that it will set her on the trail of a serial killer...

Oxygen Restriction is a story of fetish and murder, and is the first case for budding young sleuth Lucy Harlow.

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