Friday, 13 April 2012

Oxygen Restriction - Lucy Harlow Story 1.

Hi folks,

This is what I wrote about Oxygen Restriction, the first Lucy Harlow story, when it was being drafted:

'Oxygen Restriction'. a tight little crime mystery involving five characters in the crucible of a small firm. Lucy, a nosey girl and fledgling sleuth, is on the trail of a serial killer of young women in the US. This story will be free of charge and will be published on Smashwords.

I finished the fourth Lucy story 'Summer Soldier' yesterday and have been through it today. I am happy with it and will put it away now for a while before revisiting it.

Oxygen Restriction was actually finished on 2 March (8000 words) and my intention was to publish it free of charge on 17 March.

However, since then I had a change of heart and thought I'd hold back on publication and actually concentrate on writing some more stories in the series. This is what I have done and, as said above, the fourth one is now done. Therefore it now seems the right moment to publish the first.

With this in mind, I did the cover today for Oxygen Restriction this afternoon. I was in a little bit of quandry as to how to theme the cover for this story, but I have come up with something to my satisfaction.

Oxygen Restriction has been reviewed and revised four times to date. But now with the benefit of not seeing it for a number of weeks I will give it two more reviews next week. After the first review I will draft a synospis. So hopefully it should be all systems go to publish this on Smashwords and Amazon next Saturday 21 April 2012.

That's the intention, and I'll keep you posted.

Best wishes and regards


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