Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Summer Soldier

Summer Soldier is story about Lucy Harlow on the trail of a serial rapist. It is the fourth in the series of Lucy's private detective tales, and after it is completed I will take a break from writing new material until the autumn. Summer Soldier is now being written and amounts to 3500 words so far. I anticipate to finish it before the weekend since I am not at work this week. After this has been drafted and had its first review (early next week), I will turn my attention to publishing the series.
First up will be Oxygen Restriction which will be free. I have targeted Saturday 28 April for this.
I will then publish TV Torment, Opera Flowers and Summer Soldier in sequence for 99c a piece over the summer (May thro' August). That's the plan.

I'll keep you updated

Best wishes


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