Friday, 17 February 2012

Climb to the Stars vs Vacant Possession

Hi folks,

I intend to publish a number of short stories I wrote about a decade ago. These will be free of charge. The first of these 'Switch' was published last Saturday and has been downloaded on Smashwords over 200 times, which I think is pretty good for a natural born fool from Maldervale.

I did intend to publish a story called Climb to the Stars next. The story is a love story about a young couple tragically parted in a car crash. The protagonist climbs to heaven, beset by his phobias. In reality, he is badly hurt but climbs to heaven only see his love taken into the arms of God. He of course falls back to earth and a horrific reality. There are two things with this story 1) some of the imagery of the climb needs improving. Not a problem, the ideas are set and can be embellished or indeed changed in certain instances. 2) I read this story this morning and find it very upsetting. To be honest I'm not ready to go there at the moment. So publication will be shelved for a few months.

However, while digging out Climb to the Stars, I found another story 'Vacant Possession'. I had forgotten completely about the existence of this story. However, it is a pearl. In my view at least the equal of 'Switch', but most probably better. The story concerns a poltergeist that moves from haunting a house to possessing the estate agent (realtor) who is selling the property, with catastrophic consequences for the protagonist. As ever there is a mysterious twist to this tale.

I am very busy at the moment, writing the Lucy Harlow novellas / short stories in my spare time. But I will take time out, probably this Sunday morning, to type and format 'Vacant Possession' for Smashwords. With a couple of copy edits during the week, hopefully the said yarn will be ready to publish on Saturday next week. If not the Saturday after. I will let you know the Thurday and Friday before publication on Twitter, Kindleboards, and here.

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