Sunday, 26 February 2012

You'll Never Walk Alone

No folks,

I've not taken leave of my senses. I'm not a Liverpool fan, but a decade ago I wrote this short story about a guy who is about to lose his job but doen't have the courage to tell his wife. The couple are about to land on hard times and the protagonist wanders about a local beauty spot in his lunchtimes brooding and mulling things over. A year after he is sacked, he sees his old boss following the same routine. The inital job cull did not cure the firm's finances and the boss faces a similar fate to our protagonist...But what is that fate?

YNWA is a mystery short story and will be available free of charge. It will be published in 2 weeks.

This will the the last, for now, of my short stories written a decade ago.

The next stories to be released will be the Lucy Harlow detective mysteries.

The first Oxygen Restriction is now ready to be written. All the characterisation is done. All the plotting done. All the motivation determined. All the notes written. It will take about 10 days to write and the same again to review. It will be published free of charge in 4 weeks.

The second, which will retail at 99 cents, is written. It is 16,700 words and will be tightened, reviewed and revised with a view to publication in 6 weeks.

I will then do a number of these Lucy Harlow crimes stories. Target is one per month for the rest of this year.

Best wishes Saul.

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