Saturday, 11 February 2012

Switch Published Free!

Hi folks,

I've just published Switch free of charge on Smashwords (click on the above link).

Switch is a humorous romantic mystery with a nasty (though not too nasty) twist in the tail.

The story is just short of 3000 words and was written about 10 years ago and has remained in a folder in my bedroom until recently. When I wrote this I was thinking about a series that ITV used to screen in the UK a number of years ago now. The show was called Tales of the Unexpected and went out quite late in the evening. The episodes were all of about 5 minutes duration, had mysterious quality and usually some unexpected twist at the end.

Hence I was inspired to write Switch, where a simple mix-up at jeweller's counter has unexpected consequences for the romantic fortunes of a pair of identical twin brothers.

I hope you can afford a short while of your time to read the story. And as ever I hope you enjoy.

Best wishes


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