Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Scorpian Visitant - Weekend Freebie

Hi folks, the weekend is almost upon us, thank the Lord.

I wrote in yesterday's blog that I was considering an offer with The Scorpian Visitant. On the back of the very strong interest in Switch, my free short story, I have decided to allow The Scorpian Visitant to be downloaded over the weekend free of charge. I will generate a coupon on Smashwords tomorrow, Friday, and this will run until end of play Monday February 20. My motivation for this is that I would like the story to be read from start to finish. I really believe in this story, but as with all long tales it unrolls at a steady pace, so the the first 30% of the free download may well showcase the quality of the writing but not the unravelling of what I believe is an outstanding mystery, and an exciting adventure.

I will publish the coupon code on this blog, on Twitter and on The Twitter feed goes direct into my author page at Smashwords so the code will be available on the site.

You go to the checkout and punch in the code, and there you have your copy of The Scorpian Visitant free of charge.

Best wishes


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