Sunday, 12 February 2012

Switch - thanks

Many thanks to all who have downloaded my free e-book from Smashwords. I really appreciate you taking the time to read the story. Thanks too to my reviewer. The feedback is valuable.

I have another story which I will look at publishing free of charge. Like Switch, this story has remained in its folder for a number of years. Naturally, I will have to revisit it again to see if it worth publishing.

My main efforts now are going to focussed on two new small ebooks. These are crime stories featuring my young sleuth Lucy Harlow. I intend to make the first one free of charge, and possibly the second too. Funnily enough I intend to write the second first and then backtrack into the first. Both plots are done, but the second is more uppermost in my mind and is possibly a lengthier tale than the first, which introduces the character Lucy.

If Lucy is well received, I will endeavour to produce something longer for publication this year.

Many thanks again and best wishes,


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