Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Lucy Harlow - update

Hi folks,

A quick update on Lucy Harlow. The second story now stands at 13000 words and is I guess about 2/3 through so I expect it to come out at 19 - 20 k. I don't want it any bigger for it is a novella. However, it is a great crime mystery about Lucy tracking down a gang who have been murdering young women in the south of England. One of the gang's number, solicitor Malcolm Margarson, has been killed by another gang member as an imminent interview for Margarson with the police was discovered, and the solicitor was considered to be a weak link.

More to follow, but the above story is called TV Torment and has a paranormal element.

When this story is done I will write an introductory story to Lucy, Oxygen Restriction, a little bit kinky, but plot done. I will give this one away free.

Vacant possession, my latest short story will be published free of charge on Smashwords this coming Friday afternoon.

Best wishes


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