Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Climb to the Stars

I am considering publishing a short story that I wrote over a decade ago called Climb to the Stars.
I have not looked at the story for years now, but from memory the plot involves the final tragic parting of a young couple in a car crash. The theme is fear of the climb to heaven, where the protagonist is beset by his phobias: a swarm of attacking birds, a closed green door at the end of the climb with a precipitous drop either side of the narrow stairway (the latter an image from a recuring nightmare as a child). The book also lends heavily on the imagery in the book of Revelation.

The story will be free, but I can't decide on whether to pick it up. It would take me only a weekend afternoon to re-type into Smashwords format. Though I am a bit tied up with Lucy at the moment - ha ha.

If I do publish, I would write a forward about the inspiration for the story.

Anyone out there think it sounds a good idea?

Best wishes


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